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PTE Academic’s measure of success is its increasing popularity among the international students. PTE Academics is creating great opportunities for the students, who want to study abroad. Test centres are booked five days a week. Easy availability of test dates and a more flexible test context is making it the first choice of the students. It delivers results much faster than any other test, which is great advantage for students in a hurry.PTE academic test centre have mushroomed in the heart of every city, keeping in mind the prospective international students.

Visiting a foreign country is easiest now compared to anytime in the past.

The test is the alternative to currently accepted international English language testing system (IELTS) and occupational English test (OET).

The fast flexible secure and the accurate testing system has broken the monopoly of IDP IELTS and IELTS BRITISH COUNCIL.

The test will allow intending migrants more opportunities as they now have more options of giving English language proficiency tests.

PTE Academic is striving hard to expand its network of test centres.



  • The test provides an accurate measure of a test taker’s English language proficiency to ensure success in courses and active participation in university and college level education.
  • PTE Academics uses a variety of integrated skills item types for assessing the language skills.
  • PTE Academic is a computer based test that is delivered through secure network of test centres.
  • All PTE Academic items are machine scored.
  • Some item types are scored as either correct or incorrect, while others as partially correct or incorrect.
  • The test scores are valid for up to two years from your test date.
  • Overall score is based on your performance on all test items. The score range for the overall score is 10-90 points.
  • The six-level framework describes language proficiency grouped into three bands : A1-A2 (basic users), B1-B2 (independent user), C1-C2 (proficient user)
  • Test your equipment before the test begins. The equipment provided includes a headset with a microphone, keyboard and mouse.
  • During the test if you click on ‘next’ button without giving a response, a warning will appear. Click ‘NO’ to return and complete the item. Click ‘yes’ to skip the item and move to the next screen.
  • Items with an audio or video prompt require you to listen to the whole recording. If you click ‘next’ while the audio or video is playing, you will hear a warning message. Click ‘OK’ to return to the item.
  • Use correct punctuation for writing tasks.
  • Keep strictly with the word limit given for writing tasks
  • Respond quickly and keep speaking during speaking tasks. The microphone will close after three seconds of silence and stop recording.
  • Don’t click ‘next’ before you have completed the task and are ready to move on.
  • If you experience any problem during the test, remain in your seat and raise your hand for assistance.
  • After completing the test, remember to collect ‘test confirmation printout’ from the test administrator.
  • Each recording are played only once. You make notes using the erasable notebook booklet and pen, and use those notes as a guide when answering the items.
  • Refer to the timer in the upper right -hand corner.
  • You must be at least 16 years old to take the test.



Visiting a foreign country is indeed the dream of every Punjabi youth.punjab, which is one of the most prosperous states of India, is gradually evolving into an educational hub. Numerous coaching centres (PTE) have come up across the state. It is indeed very beneficial for students who want to prepare and improve their English language proficiency for clearing the international computer based test.

The training institutes have been incorporated for the purpose of imparting education to students and achieve their goal.

They are all well equipped with workshops for teaching students.

Out of the total 18 PTE centres 5 of them are in Punjab.

PTE test centres in Punjab:

  1. Amritsar
  2. Chandigarh
  3. Jalandhar
  4. Ludhiana
  5. Patiala


The Pearson language tests were launched by the Pearson test of English academy in 2009.upon released it was recognized by nearly 6000 organization.

Pearson created PTE academy in response to the demand from the institution, government and other organization for a more accurate way of testing non-native English language students who enter the English speaking academy world with unrealistic expectation of university and business life after taking other English language tests.


Pearson test of English academic is an international computer based English language test. It provides a measure of test takers language ability to educational institutes and professional and government organization that require a standard of academic English for academic purposes.

The test is approved for use by the U.K border agency and the Australian department of immigration and citizenship for visa applications.

The test is also accepted by universities in U.S.A, U.K, Australia and New Zealand.

Key Features PTE TEST

  • Single 3 hour test session
  • Computer based and computer marked
  • Contains real life academic contents
  • Test spilt into 4 parts- speaking and writing, reading and listening


All items in PTE academic are machine scored. For each item, the score you obtain contributor to the overall score. The score range for the overall score is 10-90 points. Score bands to be pasted


PTE is becoming the popular choice of students all over the country. The increasing popularity of PTE Academic amongst Indian students, have resulted in rapidly expanding number of test centres.India has developed as a key market over the past few years enabling students to test their level and study to attain the required level for visa issuance with agencies or at their international school.


PTE BENEFITS- PTE Academic is recognized by institution globally. Including Ivy League M.B.A programs at Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard and Yale in the U.S. PTE Academic endorsed by the preferred test of the graduate management admission council, owners of GMAT.

Flexible – chose a date and time that suits you.

Fast – Result typically within 5 business days

Global – Test centres internationally

Convenient – one single 3 hours test session

Economical – unlimited score reports for 2 years.


Mohali is emerging as one of the north India’s fastest growing township. Developed on the basis of city beautiful, it has carved a niche amongst the people of the adjoining areas.

Students not only from mohali, but adjoining areas of Punjab are rushing to mohali training centres to pursue PTE academic in the fast growing town.


Mohali is emerging as a very important market for P.T.E students and has a huge potential in the future too. The town will play a significant role in shaping the destiny of thousands of youth, who once dreamt of going abroad.Mohali receives on an average 200 students everyday wanting to pursue P.T.E.


The city beautiful is emerging as an important study centre. The demand of foreign education in the present era has been the highest ever in the history. PTE Academic has brought in ‘Phenomenal Revolution’ in the field of professional education.

Chandigarh is becoming increasingly popular choice of students wanting to pursue PTE Academic.  We are the leading trainers of language courses and PTE in Chandigarh, Mohali and Punjab region. Skilled trainers, well-equipped labs, great infrastructure have further been major attraction for students of neighbouring states like himachal Pradesh and Haryana.


PTE LINKS WITH TECHNOLOGY- PTE Academic has been designed keeping the tech-savy students of today. In today’s scenario students would find taking up exams like IELTS, which is paper & pencil, quite tiring and monotonous.

PTE TECHNIQUES AT SEABIRD- We are living in a high competitive era, where the importance of good education is extremely high .hence institute like seabird international are highly in demand.

The pools of skilled trainers work tirelessly to motivate the students. Complex concepts are made easy using innovative techniques. We believe in providing quality education constantly, transforming young minds into energetic graduates to lead the future world. Students are encouraged to explore, plan, prepare and develop a mind of their own. Study at seabird proves extremely rewarding and exciting experience for students.

We use innovative techniques, providing every student the facility of computer, internet and CDs. We provide adequate resources which are extremely beneficial and play a crucial role in ensuring success. The assignments are designed to uplift the performance, which is assessed on a daily basis.

Seabird international has designed the infrastructure keeping the needs of the students in mind at future trends.