English Speaking Course in Chandigarh, Mohali

English Speaking course in Chandigarh

English Speaking course in Chandigarh

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ABOUT ENGLISH SPEAKING –There are about 430 million non-native English speakers, whereas native speakers are 330 million, including those who are learning English language.SEABIRD is the best Institute Provides English Speaking Course in Chandigarh, Mohali

English is a global language and you cannot escape it. Somewhere or the other, you need to speak in English. If you are unable to do so, firstly you develop low confidence, then you avoid interacting with English speaking people, gradually you become more hesitant and are not able to converse with individuals and leave aside speaking publically.

A few years back it was not an issue but post liberalization, it has become necessary to survive in the modern era where right from getting admission in nursery (for which parents need to have good communication) to getting admission in college or to face an interview for a MNC offering a lucrative job. Everywhere English is a predominant language.

Competition is tough in any field. You name it, but carve a niche for yourself; you need to work hard on your communication skills. You need to express well, to let other know what your skills are and how you can use them well.

English Speaking course in Chandigarh and Mohali.

ENGLISH STUDIES IN CHANDIGARH, PUNJAB – In Punjab, the children/students start learning English as their second language. From the childhood, they are used to their native language, so it becomes very difficult for them to be proficient in English language. But in the modern and global age, many schools, colleges, universities and various education hubs are adopting and promoting English language. Most of the general tests, both the admission test and the job related tests have a complete section on English language. They are designed to test the candidates’ power of expression, flair in English, comprehension skills, sound vocabulary as well as correct use of the language.


IMPORTANCE OF ENGLISH- English language is globally important

  • English is the major language in such field as international diplomacy, business & commerce, science and technology and the travel industry.
  • English is a rich language and is easily adapted to local use and has become a language that no longer belongs to any one nation or culture.
  • English is the language often used in many embassies around the world for communication between diplomats and their locally engaged staff.
  • English is the language of the transportation industry and other key sector of the global society.
  • Helpful in professionalism in language education.
  • Helpful in interaction of research & practice for educational improvement
  • English is the main language of books, newspaper, international business, academic conference, science, technology, diplomacy, sport, international competitions & advertising.
  • All professional jobs demand good, proficient communication skills.
  • Technical skills are essential in modern industries and you need to be able to both read and write technical English, if you are going to maintain technical importance.
  • It enhances professional opportunities; it will broaden the employment opportunities.
  • It is helpful in maintain social networking & relationships.
  • For immigration purpose – to study/work in different countries of the world.
  • For entertainment and cultural understanding.
  • Education – because English is a first language for many countries, the benefit of English involve the new opportunities that become available to someone who understands it.
  • Personality development and basic etiquettes improves.
  • Useful for overseas education.

 English Speaking course in Chandigarh and Mohali.


English plays a significant role in how universities respond to the increasingly global context in which they operate. As more (almost) all universities use English as a “medium of instruction” (EMI), the need for structural changes, different methodologies and a fundamental change in mind-set is becoming more urgent. There is a fast moving worldwide, shift towards using English as a “medium of instruction” for academic subjects such as science, mathematics, geography and medicine. ‘EMI’ is increasingly being used in universities, secondary schools and even primary schools. This phenomenon has very important implications for the education of young people and policy decisions in non –Anglophone countries.

’EMI’ –English as a medium of instruction a growing global phenomenon is defined as –

The use of English language to teach academic subjects in countries of jurisdictions where the first language (L1) of the majority of the population is not English.’EMI’ is widely used and is being accepted by all education providers at an international level.

English Speaking course in Chandigarh and Mohali.


Once you have learned English properly, and groomed yourself well, then your academic qualifications & good communications or interactive English will add a plus point for various job openings in multinational companies, BPO’s, international call centre, trainers for soft skills, front executive officer, business development manager, international marketing manager, representative of any company or university, public relation officer, relationship manager, team leader etc. there are many other options also, once you are done with your proper spoken English course and all the job openings are waiting for you.

 English Speaking course in Chandigarh and Mohali.


As English language is a language that is widely accepted or globally accepted. So there is a need or a necessity that a person should know how to interact in English. As in academics, profession and other phase of the world, interactive English is must. If you don’t know English you will be facing adverse consequences, internationally (globally) and even at domestic level. Not knowing English will affect your profession as you won’t be able to communicate/interact with your colleagues/co-workers well, you won’t be able to understand the things; you won’t be able to answer the phone calls, to communicate through mails. It will affect your performance & growth in the organization.


IN ACADEMICS – you won’t be able to interact with your teachers/trainers. You will face problem in clearing your facts or concepts. You will face problem to develop a healthy relationship with your fellows.

 English Speaking course in Chandigarh and Mohali

IMMIGRATION –If you are planning to migrate abroad or any country in the world, ‘English’ language is widely accepted. If you won’t know English well, you will face problems in settling down there in any country, you won’t be able to understand the immigration laws, how to survive, how to follow their rules & regulations. You will find problem in finding a good job there, though you are good in practical work, still your poor language proficiency will affect your profession.

 English Speaking course in Chandigarh and Mohali.


We at seabird first assess the candidates to find the problems faced by them in communication.

Our spoken English course promises fluency in situational and conversational English. We also train students for group discussions, presentations and interviews. This gives them additional confidence of public speaking. Also lectures on enhancing the general knowledge of the agents are also held here at seabird. When they are done with the course and are able to face and overcome the challenges of communication skills boldly and confidently, we feel we have achieved our goals. But we don’t stop there we keep on posting articles, videos, links for their personality and career development on our website and face book page. Also seminars on soft skills are being organized.

At seabird our main task is to help individuals who want to help themselves by working on their communication skills come and join us, feel the difference from day one-




Chandigarh is also known as ‘The City Beautiful’ & ‘A Hub of Education’ is directly ruled by the union government of India, and the master plan was prepared by ‘Le Corbusier’

There are numerous education institutions in Chandigarh. These range from privately and publically operated schools, colleges & coaching centres.these institutions being a developed city having all the facilities.chandigarh is a major attraction for the students. They prefer to study in Chandigarh as they have many good options and lot of competitions is their between the private institutes.


CHANDIGARH is a ‘Hub of Education’, in addition to it is developing a very good IT sector comprising many reputed multinational companies. Once you are through with your spoken English training, you will be having a very wide scope to enhance your career opportunities and Chandigarh is a best place, as it is a hub of education and many job openings are available in the IT sector, multinational companies placed over here.



Chandigarh has been a global destination for education for a long time ago. a large number of students come to India from countries likeAfghanistan,Bhutan,ethopia,Fiji,france,iran,Iraq,srilanka,Nepal,neitherland,Thailand,UK,US etc for learning English and for higher education. Even the students from these countries do not have English as their first language, they use their native language. So in order to continue their studies in India (Chandigarh) they need to learn English. As India has also adopted English language in academics. So Chandigarh –known as the Educational Hub. International students are more attracted towards this beautiful and famous city of India. They look at the Indian education system with trust and belief.


  1. We are teaching our students certain important aspects of English and help them gain more confidence in English language and its details.
  2. Seabird is providing very good faculty for English and all the material which is required for English including speaking and writing.
  3. In the spoken English course, we will teach you grammar of English and its usage, writing English &speaking English with good ideas, vocabulary fluency and pronunciation.
  4. The spoken English course will include ‘ Personality Development’ skills, body language, removing stage fear, presentation skills, interview techniques, to be in touch of the current affairs- News reading and discussion on daily basis.
  5. At seabird we take the complete responsibility of teaching the spoken English and help you master your English language comprehension skills.
  6. Besides the academic class, we have regular spoken English batches for the professional and job geers.it will help them to gain more knowledge of English for their jobs or business and they will be groomed in English language skills, building of personality skills.
  7. At seabird, to improve the audio & visual skills on every Saturday, students are shown some knowledgeable and inspirational English documentaries at our ‘theatre’ as we have introduced fun with learning.
  8. ‘Guest Lectures’ are being organized by the organization for the motivation and inspiration to the students as the ‘guests’ will deliver lecture with quite useful information and sharing some experience upon their lives.
  9. Also, students and professionals are being updated with the latest visa information, so that they can pursue their higher education overseas and can get good platform for their career. They are motivated to be career oriented.



Spoken English is very important for appearing in these important international English assessment exams, IELTS (international English language testing system), TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign language), and PTE (Pearson test of English).

All these three exams are comprise of four main sections

  1. Listening (b) Reading (c) writing (D) Speaking

All these four section requires – Through daily activities, teachers provide learners with opportunities to develop each skill, students listens (to the teacher, to use the target language, to a long, to one another in a group activity. Speak (Pronunciation, practice, greetings, dialogues creation, oral speed reading, and plays).Read (instructions, written grammer) and Write (fill in the blanks, sentences that describe a feeling, sight or experience).All activities are being conducted in the spoken English batch to enhance them in such a level, that students who are appearing for these exams have developed a strong platform for these four skills and so, that they could get through these exams easily and perform well.


Chandigarh is a beautiful city to live and a ‘hub of education’ where you can enhance your skills to a great level. Students who are coming from different – different parts of parts of Punjab, they can easily find accommodation to live, as being a popular hub of education, many paying guest and hostel services are available. Even the institutes have hired hostels, for the students who are coming from faraway places with all facilities, so that student should feel like home only and they can learn or attend their respective courses.

Hence living and learning in Chandigarh is much more easy and comfortable for the students.



ABOUT MOHALI – Mohali is a commercial hub lying adjacent to the city of Chandigarh in Punjab is a very popular city, among local people and other parts of Punjab.

There are number of educational institutes including schools, colleges and private institutions, coaching centres.

Mohali is a 18th district of Punjab.Mohali a satellite town of Chandigarh has been renamed as Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali.Many upcoming projects like ‘mohali junction’ will be the great attractions in the future. Also, ‘mohali city is very famous among the rural areas, as most of the villages are at the out skirts of mohali. Slowly slowly mohali is turning to be the second most attraction for the people of Punjab and India also.

EDUCATION IN MOHALI – As there are number of educational institutes including schools, colleges, universities, private institutions and coaching centres for e.g. Chandigarh university, Indian school of business (ISB), Indian institute of science education and research (IISER), national institute of pharmaceutical education and research (NIPER), Army institute of law,IIPM, SAS institute of information technology and research (SASIITR), CDAC and many more. Also in addition to these recognized institutes many private institution/ coaching centre are being set up here in mohali, for preparing and guiding youth / professionals about the international language exams + how to improve their personality, soft skills, how to enhance their English language proficiency, so there is a good scope of quality education in mohali.

MIGRATION OF STUDENTS FROM ALL OVER PUNJAB TO MOHALI FOR EDUCATION – Punjabi is a native language of Punjab, and many schools of Punjab are affiliated to the Punjab (state) board of education (the medium of language is Punjabi in all subjects), students are introduced to the basics of English at their mid primary or secondary level. As a result student face a great difficulty in understanding (Reading, Listening, Writing and speaking) English. Thus it results in their poor performance in all four modules of English, and they face a great difficulty in their further studies and migration to other country. But now people are getting themselves awared and updated against the importance of English language in all aspects of life. Students from the rural area of Punjab are migrating to mohali, as mohali is the hub of institutes offering English language courses, being one of the most famous city of Punjab and having reputed institutions for offering English language courses and grooming the personality of students from rural area and getting them aware of the advantages of English language in their every phase of life.



In today’s world, the importance of English cannot be denied and ignored since English is the most common language spoken everywhere. With the help of developing technology English has been playing a major role in many sectors including medicine, engineering, education (overseas education) which in my opinion, is the most important arena, where English is needed. This language is universally accepted and when we compare English language with the Punjabi, Hindi or any other language, firstly the scope, usage and importance is limited to the native region only basically covering the rural area. As the urbanization has accepted English to a great extent. We cannot use Hindi or Punjabi everywhere. Every sector of society has adopted its first language English only, as if we are visiting to some hospital, parks, office- instructions, rules, signage boards even they are in English. So ‘English proficiency’ is a basic need of today’s era. Significance of other languages is to some restricted or limited region only.


SCOPE / FUTURE OF ENGLISH – There are several factors that make us to learn English language to go through in the future time even current time also. As we already know, English has an international standard, that’s why it’s mandatory for everyone to learn English in order to get in touch on international level.

If we see educational field, we will find much of the syllabus is written in English. Children are taught and encouraged to learn English on starting levels, and as they get promoted to the next level they study almost all subjects in English.

INTERNET has all the websites written and created in English and even if some sites are in other languages, they also give the option of translation in English.

RESEARCH and studies you find will be written and typed in English. All information is in English.

We can travel or get settled around the world anywhere, if we have good English proficiency.

Offices, companies, government organizations and other departments hire their professional staff after getting know that whether the people they are hiring are good at English or not. This is the company’s will that their staff is not even well educated but should know good English in speaking, writing, reading & listening.

Those who are still unaware of the importance of English, they should start learning English as time will come when everything would be understood, spoken & written in English.



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